Monthly Archives: March 2009

Chinatown Restaurant Birds

Chinatown restaurants love to hang animal carcasses in their windows. Birds, in particular. Bad for the birds, good for the photography—and the eatin’.

X Marks The Spot: South Dakota Signs

Driving through South Dakota, eventually you notice the signs. It's not immediately clear what they mean, but they're all over the place. “X Marks The Spot,” they say. “Think! Drive Safely.” On the other side, the same design, but instead of “Think!” it's “Why Die?”

Wall Drug

You’ll see the signs for Wall Drug long before you get there. Hundreds of signs, for hundreds of miles in either direction of Wall, South Dakota, on Interstate 90. It's not just a drug store.

Abandoned America: Twin Arrows, Arizona

On Interstate 40, west of Winslow, Arizona, you’ll find Twin Arrows, an old Route 66 trading post. Situated where the Route 66 alignment meets up with the Interstate, the trading post has its own highway exit, but has been abandoned for some years, the price of a gallon of gasoline forever frozen at $1.36.

Fun with the DNG Profile Editor

With the DNG Profile Editor, you can create camera profiles to be applied to your images in Lightroom or Camera Raw. As it turns out, we can abuse this feature to generate a profile that is intentionally wrong in exactly the way we want.

Three Card Monte

This New York street scene was fascinating. Everyone you see in the picture is part of the crew: a shill pretends to play (and pretends to win) to hype it up. Lookouts pretend to be spectators while watching for five-oh. When one of them gives the signal, the whole crew walks away and disappears into the crowd.