Monthly Archives: July 2009

The “Infinite Monkeys” Approach to Photography

When I walked out into the field, the guy was lying on the ground with his camera to get his angle, so I politely waited for him to finish before walking in front of him. He proceeded to take about 50 shots, one or two per second, without moving at all.

Are You Illiterate, or Just An Asshole?

On the west entrance road at Yellowstone, there is an area clearly marked by many signs: “Bald Eagle management area. Area closed. No stopping, standing, or walking.” The message couldn't be clearer: Don’t bloody stop here.

Seeking: One Roadrunner

The first coyote I ever saw, of course, was Wile E. Coyote (Super-Genius). All that I know of coyotes, I learned from Wile E. For example, their favorite meal is roadrunner.