Monthly Archives: May 2010

I wish I was in Tijuana, eating barbecued iguana

Determined not to let the hype be my master, I set out on foot from San Diego across the border to Tijuana. I'd heard that tourism was down, but thought surely I would be among a group of braver Americans—but, no, I wasn't.

Creation Museum (part 4)

The Fourth and Final Part of my series on the Creation Museum. Here there be dragons.

I Always Knew I’d Make It To Hollywood

They don’t make movies in Hollywood any more, the Industry having moved on to Burbank and elsewhere long ago. The place is sort of seedy now; it’s not as clean as New York and doesn’t feel as safe. I was solicited by hookers and approached by vagrants in the short time I was there—but there were tourists, too, enough of Hollywood’s history still visible to attract them.