So, this is my new blog.

I was tired of not traveling, so I decided to stop doing that.

That means it’s time for a blog relaunch. A new name, a new look—and, best of all, semi-regular posts from me! Enjoy the simple, reader-friendly design, with no annoying pop-ups or overlays, no desperate pleas for your email address, and no bloody animated GIFs.


The only reason I ever came home from a roadtrip was because I had to. Why, I wondered, shouldn’t I just make it so I don’t have to? Why, indeed. I can work anywhere I can get power and internet.

All your favorite Classic Posts™ have made the move, including the Creation Museum, Cross-Country Route Planning, and Screw You Guys, I’m Going To Canada. The popular Visited States Map Generator is here as well.

If you’re wondering about comments, I haven’t enabled them. I used Disqus comments on my old site, which helped with the spam a bit, but comments end up being more trouble than they’re worth. People always want to be disruptive wankers, and people always find ways to spam, and you have to stay on top of it or it becomes a mess. You can contact me by email, or you can comment on Google+ or Facebook.

Speaking of which, you can follow me on Google+, and if you’re not interested in politics, you can just follow the collection for my travel posts and not see the other stuff. There’s also a Facebook ‘page’ you can ‘like’. There will be posts in both of those places that aren’t on the blog, as well. And there’s an RSS feed, of course.

Oh, the name? Well, the name started out as my description for the way I often travel: avoiding hotels unless I’m staying somewhere for a while. I have a tent in my trunk and I’m quite happy to sleep in my car. There’s no sense in paying for a hotel just for a night’s sleep. The name takes on a bit more meaning now that I’m also avoiding paying for a permanent home.