Monthly Archives: August 2015

Don’t Get Into A Spaceship With A Madman

The UFO flew a few hundred feet off the ground, and slowly. Steady and flashing lights made it visible in the night sky, and it made a rumbling sound, almost like jet engines. It approached my car, swung around, and flew back the way it had come, in no particular hurry. Then it was gone. The Extraterrestrial Highway lived up to its billing.

Don’t Wear A Red Shirt

So, there I was at the Rio, when I began seeing people walking around in Starfleet uniforms. At first, it’s like, that’s weird. But when I saw a few more I suspected the Star Trek convention must be in town.

Apple TV (Or Whatever) In a Hotel

So you’re trying to plug something—Apple TV, Playstation, XBox, even a computer—into the HDMI jack on the television in your hotel room, and you’ve found the TV’s “input select” or “source” button isn’t working. I can help!