The Buffets of Las Vegas


I’ve added a new feature section to the site: The Buffets of Las Vegas.

I love a Vegas buffet as much as anyone, but I was troubled by how difficult it is to figure out which are good and which aren’t. Googling brings up an endless list of press releases and gushing, content-free “reviews” from people clearly more concerned with ad revenue than anything else. People on Yelp are all over the place, for all kinds of reasons.

If you want it done right, do it yourself. So, here you’ll find reviews of Las Vegas buffets—real reviews. And, I’m kicking things off with reviews of thirteen buffets.

Each review comes with pictures, and an honest description of my experience. It also shows when I last visited, so you can decide how out-of-date my information might be. I’ll be adding more reviews, and updating the existing ones as appropriate, starting in January. Until then, gluttons unite!