MORE at Luxor

The buffet at Luxor is not good.


It’s a sad state of affairs. MORE used to be a solid buffet; not a great one, but a decent meal for the price when I was at Luxor and didn’t want to travel. Luxor is one of my favorite hotels; again, not the best in town, but a nice room for a great price in a great location, and the pyramid, let’s be honest, is really friggin’ cool.

No more. This is not a buffet you should go to. I don’t know why there’s a line here; a line usually means word has spread that a buffet is good, and this one isn’t. Could it be leftover goodwill from when it was okay?

The shrimp cocktail here is, as you’d expect at this level, unpeeled. The crab legs are pre-halved and on ice. There are cold mussels, which are okay but not great.

the line
Luxor buffet

There are cold salads, as with any buffet, but since these are fine, they’re worth mentioning. Usually you’d skip them, but if you find yourself here against your will, outvoted, the cold salads are where you should head: potato, macaroni, ambrosia, egg, and so on.

One thing MORE gets right that so many buffets get wrong: soda fountains available, so you can get your own drinks.

soda fountains

At most buffets, you rely on a server for your drinks, even though they are unlimited. You have to wait until he comes around—while you’re at your table and not off getting food—and takes your drink order, then wait even longer for the drink to arrive. Then you drink it all, and you have no drink, until you finally get the attention of the server, and wait again for another drink to arrive. This makes no sense. But here, you can get your own drinks. It’s a revelation. All buffets should do this.

prime rib

If you head for the carving station, you’ll find a medium-well prime rib that you can barely cut with the table knife. Prime rib cooked medium-well is never going to be good, and this is no exception. The sausage is a little better, but still not good.

There is meat loaf, which was better than the prime rib; and cauliflower au gratin that was truly terrible. The mashed potatoes were actually good, which seems to be a trend with bad buffets. I think everyone knows how to make good mashed potatoes.

crab legs
shrimp cocktail

The Asian section was bland and totally unremarkable. The enchiladas were terrible—the tortillas were floury and whatever was inside was tasteless. There were steamed clams, scampi-style, which looked promising but were ultimately disappointing.

When it comes time for dessert (and you’ll still be able to eat, since you couldn’t find anything decent), the selection is fine and so is the quality. Go ahead and have the dessert. There is good soft-serve ice cream, too.

ice cream

The joke of this buffet is the “International Food” section. It’s literally four bins of, well, something, off in the corner. That’s the international food section. No, really.

international foods

If you’re at Luxor, it’s an easy walk over to Mandalay Bay, where the buffet is almost unimaginably better. You don’t even have to go outside. Don’t go to this buffet. It pains me to say it, given my love of Luxor, but it’s truly terrible.