The Buffet at MGM Grand

MGM Grand is my favorite Vegas hotel. There are nicer hotels, and flashier hotels, but when I check into MGM, I feel like I am, at long last, home. I wish it had a great buffet.

It doesn’t.

There is rarely a line at the MGM buffet. I have a platinum Mlife card, which lets me skip the line, but I got on the regular line anyway; skipping a line of two parties just seems petty.


The cocktail shrimp are unpeeled. Crab legs are served either cold on ice, or hot, but the hot ones are pre-halved—and overcooked, but not enough to ruin them. The green mussels didn’t seem fresh at all.

The prime rib was medium-well. What is it with buffets overcooking everything? Medium-well prime rib is awful. It’s tough and you can barely cut it with a knife, let alone chew it. Take it out of the oven, people!

crab legs

Also at the carving station was some chicken sausage that was actually not bad. But what do you put next to it? The macaroni and cheese tasted like it came from a box, and the vegetable sides were unimpressive, but the fried shrimp were pretty good. The fried chicken and mashed potatoes weren’t bad, either.

But, there’s a grill station where you can get a freshly-cooked strip steak.

Grill station

The steaks are, as you’d expect overcooked—but if you ask the chef, he’ll do it (almost) right. Don’t take one he’s already got; ask for a rare steak, and you’ll get one medium-rare that is pretty decent.

So, get some hot crab legs, then grab a medium-rare strip steak, some comfort mac-n-cheese that at least tastes like what you had when you were a kid, and it’s all good, right?

Well, at one point during my visit, the crab leg bin remained empty for twenty minutes.

Empty crab leg bin

I was like, okay, at least I can have some not-that-bad crab legs. But no; no one filled the bin.

At $40 for dinner, this buffet is clearly not worth it. Unfortunately, across the Strip at NYNY, there’s no buffet, and the buffet at Excalibur is not worth the walk. If you’re at MGM and want a good buffet you’re going to have to travel.