World Carnival Buffet at Rio

Rio used to have two buffets: the World Carnival, the “normal” buffet; and Village Seafood Buffet. They’ve closed up Village Seafood and turned it into a seafood section at World Carnival, but you only get access to that section if you pay a fifteen dollar upcharge. Without the seafood section, World Carnival is not very good.

Rio World Carnival

The shrimp cocktail was labeled “peel & eat”, but it was actually peeled, which was nice, though they were a bit small and overcooked. There are crab legs both hot and on ice, but they’re small and kind of sad. The hot, steamed ones are so overcooked they’re difficult to eat, and lacking in flavor.

This buffet is supposed to feature cuisine from around the world, but it really looks like a standard buffet. The prime rib was at least medium-well, tough, and useless. The pork loin was tough as well. There were some little things on bamboo skewers—including hot dogs, for some reason—all of which were unremarkable.

Crab legs
Crab Legs
Rio World Carnival

The tacos actually weren’t bad. After the perfectly acceptable shrimp and uninspiring crab legs I had several tacos, as there wasn’t much else of interest.


The dessert selection is uninspiring.

If you pay fifteen bucks extra you get access to the seafood section, which is a whole other story. I’ve written that up in a separate review. Bottom line: if you’re going to this buffet, pay the extra for the seafood and ignore the rest.

Dinner was $32, but if you have a Nevada ID you get a 25% discount.