The Buffet at Wynn

The Wynn buffet was renovated in November of 2015. I went in after the renovation and wondered what, other than the price, had changed—it looked pretty much the same—but the answer seems to be “the food.”

The crab legs are served cold and pre-halved, but are perfectly cooked and unusually good. The cocktail shrimp are peeled. There are Jonah claws, and edible sushi.

Buffet at Wynn
Wynn buffet
Wynn crab legs

The prime rib was the centerpiece of this new buffet. I asked for the rarest piece the chef could find, and got one cooked true medium that was tender and flavorful—the best prime rib I’ve had at any buffet.

The sausage selection, which was very bland before, is now delicious. The mashed potatoes, also bland before, now come in two varieties: “twice-baked” and “truffle” mashed potatoes, both of which are good. Decent macaroni-and-cheese rounds it out. But the lamb chops were tough and disappointing, and the meat loaf was dominated by barbecue sauce.

The Asian section was uniformly bland, which honestly is typical for a Vegas buffet.

Wynn carving station
Wynn sushi station
The sausages are great.

There are good tacos to be had at the street taco station—overfilled to the point that they’re difficult to eat without just letting half the meat fall onto the plate.

street tacos
Street tacos, made to order.

I wasn’t sure what a Korean pancake was, but they were available cooked to order, so I got one with chicken. Basically, various fillings are sautéed, and batter is poured into the pan and allowed to harden into a pancake. The result can be topped with chile sauce, which of course I did. I loved it. It was great. Definitely get one of these.

Korean pancake station
Korean pancake

For dessert, head straight for the made-to-order crêpes. Strawberries, whipped cream, and chocolate, oh my. It’s not Paris, but it’s good.

wynn crepes
wynn crepes

This buffet has improved drastically, and it’s now one of the best you’ll find in Vegas. My main complaint is the price: At $43 on weeknights, it’s more expensive than Bellagio.

My yummy crêpe.
The sushi is edible.
Every buffet has pizza. Why would you eat pizza at the buffet?