I was tired of not traveling, so I decided to stop doing that.

I packed the car and went to Nevada, where I set up home base. I have a job, so that limits where I can go: I need really good internet access and a place to work. That’s all I need.

Home? A house? A building I have to pay for, buy furniture for, pay utilities for, maintain? You don’t own a house, it owns you. What do I need that for?

So I revived my dormant blog, gave it a new name and a new look, migrated some old posts over, and you’re looking at the result.

I travel the open road, with as little planning and scheduling as possible. The name of this site comes from my usual approach, avoiding hotels unless I’m staying somewhere for more than one night, and often using a tent even if I am. If you’re wondering how to keep travel affordable, that’s it: hotels are expensive. Now, the name is more of a lifestyle description.

You can subscribe to the RSS feed, follow me on Google+ (or just the collection for my travel posts), and ‘like’ the Facebook ‘page’. I think you should do all of those things.

Respectfully submitted,
Jeremy Nixon